Can DC Fix Superman? Superman #1

Episode 9 – Can DC Fix Superman?

Today the Super Friends, Denis Caron and Roberto Hoyos discuss the one and only, Superman! He once was the worlds greatest, now people barely care about him. With Brian Michael Bendis now taking over the helm and writing for DC Comics on Superman, can he fix the Man of Steel? Can he once a again be the beacon of hope he once was, or will he forever be the dark broody EH hero that Zack Snyder has made him into?

Discussed Stories:

Man of Steel, by Brain Michael Bendis

Superman #1, by Brian Michael Bendis

Superman: Red Son

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Author Spotlight: Darywn Cooke

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  1. DC did the same thing to reboot Superman in the 80’s with John Bryne coming over to DC. They did a 6 issue “Man of Steel” mini series to set the origin and story up, then continued in Superman #1.

    1. Do you recommend that John Bryne run? I really enjoyed his run on She-Hulk, it’s the only run of hers that I like actually. Wonder Woman’s run from the 80’s (George Perez), is probably my second favorite run of hers. Something about the comics in the 80’s were magical!

      1. I do, the reboot is pretty solid. They added in a lot of the stuff from the Reeves movies, more science for Krypton. It’s a good read.

            1. Oh! That series. Yeah, I’ve thought about buying at least Vol. 1. I should have grabbed a copy for $5 when Comixology was having their Death of Superman sale last week! Oh well, next time around.

              John Bryne recently got a Wonder Woman Omnibus printing… so Hopefully Superman can too. He just needs a good movie/story/SOMETHING to bring him back into the spotlight! Crossing my fingers that this could be the thing.

  2. It’s pronounced Jon.

    J’onn J’onzz is his Martian name, and he took the name John Jones on earth.

    The Phantom zone is a Kryptonian thing, sort of. Jor-El discovered it, it’s a pocket universe they use as a prison.

    Injustice is an amazing storyline. It’s so damn good.

    Also, the Joker didn’t kill Lois. The Joker gassed Superman and convinced him Lois was Doomsday. This caused Superman to kill Lois (thinking she was Doomsday). She was also pregnant with his child at the time. This caused him to punch a hole in the Joker chest and change everything.

    Great episode guys. Reeves really is the gold standard for a solid Superman/Clark Kent.

    The Movie Flash costume is garbage.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad to hear you liked the show! We kinda knew going into it that some of the info was going to be a little off. We both love Superman, but he isn’t our favorite character (yet). Part of our hope in reading this was that it could get us into him more and more so, hope that our show could get a few more people into him again. We’ve had a lot of talks with people trying to convince them he’s actually awesome, but in this day in age, most people don’t share that feeling… sadly.

      1. You did a good job selling him for sure!

        No worries, I get stuff wrong on Spoiler Country all the time, or I mean Kenric does…

        Seriously this was a good episode.

    2. Ah DAMMIT! You’re right. That WAS the big twist about Superman/Lois/The Joker. I’m bummed I didn’t remember that. It’s one of my favorite series yet I forgot one of the BIGGEST plot points. OPPSS! I really just need to sit down and RE-READ it again at some point.

      1. Injustice is amazing! I really need to read all of it. I’ve only read the first year. It’s the rare video game tie in comic that’s BETTER than the video game!

        1. Dude, year 3 and 4 are freaking great. I believe those are the years that were centered around Constantine and Wonder Woman/Gods. You gotta keep going! It gets SO GOOD!

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