Roberto Hoyos of Throwboy

Roberto Hoyos

Roberto Hoyos is the Founder & CEO of Throwboy, a Seattle-based company that makes fun throw pillows inspired by the things people love. When he’s not designing new pillows or enjoying a vegan burger, you’ll find him talking art and entrepreneurship on That Thing You Made.



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Denis Caron of Corvink - That Thing You Made

Denis Caron

Denis Caron is the creator of Corvink, an artist made brand that makes toys, apparel, comics, art prints and more. Denis stumbled into the business when he started his webcomic LAWLS back in 2012. From there, he began exhibiting at conventions all along the west coast, including San Diego Comic-Con and Emerald City Comicon, where he met like minded creators like Roberto and started expanding upon his creative avenues. Since that time he’s produced a collection of plush toys under the name Raven Stitch, made a clothing line called Sweet Tits Muffin Co., and continued to make other oddities both for Corvink and other brands!



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